Food for thought on the Learning Loss Debate


New Pedagogies for Deep Learning: A Global Partnership - Activate Deep Learning and Lift from Loss by  Joanne Quinn, Mag Gardner, Max Drummy  and Michael Fullan. In this article, authors propose that educators execute 10 priorities to activate deep learning and lift students from the loss they have encountered during this fragile period. These priorities will set schools on this energizing path. 


In “Five Things Not to Do When Schools Re-open” also posted on the Shanker Institute blog, Pasi Sahlberg suggests five things that we should not do when schools re-open. Among them is “Don’t think that kids only learn when they are taught.” Zhao’s article is a solid evidence-based piece.


Build back better: Avoid the learning loss trap by Yong Zhao. A dangerous trap exists for educators and education policy makers: the learning loss. This trap comes with a large amount of data and with sophisticated projection methods. It presents a stunningly grim picture for education and it invites educators and policy makers to make wrong decisions and invest in wrong things. The article identifies a number of undesirable outcomes that their concerns could lead to. It also suggests several productive actions when the pandemic is controlled and schools reopen.

Engage Secondary Students Because the Future Depends on it by Mag Gardner, Joanne Quinn, Max Drummy and Michael Fullan. This paper offers 12 provocations to put you on a Deep Learning path to engage secondary students and prepare them for tomorrow.