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The Surrey School District was formed in 1906. Governed by a publicly elected board of seven trustees, it has the largest student enrolment in British Columbia and is one of the few growing districts in the province. With approx. 10,000 staff, the district serves 70,000+ students in 130 schools, including 101 elementary, 19 secondary, 5 learning centers, 4 adult education centers and a distributed learning program. The district covers the cities of Surrey and White Rock and the rural area of Barnston Island, with a total area of approx. 328 sq. kms. Information about the district, its schools and programs can be found at

Areas of Focus

  1. A broadly shared mission, vision and goals founded on ambitious images of the educated person.
  2. A comprehensive approach to leadership development.

Case Study

A Broadly Shared Mission, Vision and Goals Founded on the Aspirational Images of the Educated Person