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Communities Served

Sudbury, Killarney

Our Vision

Sudbury Catholic Schools.... Creating hopes and dreams through excellence.

Our Mission

To nurture and develop the mind, body and spirit of every student within our Catholic learning community.


The Sudbury Catholic District School Board is a leading provider of public education, offering a comprehensive range of programs and services with a commitment to excellence in learning. The SCDSB is one of four school boards in Sudbury with over 6300 students. Separated from the French Catholic Board in 1998, the Sudbury Catholic District School board currently operates 20 schools including 15 elementary, 4 secondary and one adult education school. The Board has opened 1 new elementary school in 2012, and it is anticipated that two more elementary schools will be built by September 2015. School communities include the Greater City of Sudbury as well as the Municipality of Killarney.

The Board is committed to the principles of equity and inclusivity enabling each student to learn and grow to his or her full potential. Our long-term goals are identified in the Board’s Multi-Year Strategic Plan, which is defined by our Strategic Priorities. These priorities have a salient focus on student achievement and well-being, the delivery of effective and appropriate educational programs and the effective stewardship of Board resources. These Priorities are vetted through the Board's Operational Plan, which allows for the linking of our strategic goals and objectives to our tactical goals and objectives. We believe in every single student, and that they can each achieve a high level of success. We also believe in all of our staff members, and want to provide for them a safe and supportive working environment allowing them the ability to do his or her best.

Areas of Focus

  1. A broadly shared mission, vision and goals founded on ambitious images of the educated person.

Case Study

A Broadly Shared Mission, Vision and Goals Founded on the Aspirational Images of the Educated Person