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We are a Catholic School Board. We serve our students, working with the home, and the school community to:

• Nurture a Christ-centered environment;
• Provide student-focused learning opportunities;
• Support the growth of the whole person.

The Huron-Perth Catholic District School Board is a vibrant school system that is rooted in the holistic development of all persons with a deep commitment to embrace our covenant with God. Our schools are sacred learning spaces in which children and youth grow within an inclusive model to develop their skills as creative and collaborative thinkers. Our mission is to nurture a Christ-centered environment, provide student-focused learning opportunities and support the growth of the whole person.

Catholic education has been celebrated in Huron and Perth counties since 1848 with a tradition of excellence in learning and faith formation. We are a school system that celebrates our rural heritage and urban living with 4200 students and 18 schools. Our school system spans 6000 square kilometers and serves students and families across Huron and Perth counties within 17 parishes of the Diocese of London.

Areas of Focus

  1. Learning- oriented organizational improvement processes.
  2. Job- embedded professional development for all members of the organization.

Case Study

Learning-oriented Organizational Improvement Processes