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French-language Education: A Fresh Perspective on Leadership Practices

The Ontario Institute for Education Leadership (IEL) commissioned Dr. Marie-Josée Berger to conduct a study on the leadership practices of school and system leaders in the 12 French-language school districts. The quantitative and qualitative analyses conducted throughout the study made it possible to document leadership practices in the context of institutional capacity and academic achievement development within the French-language districts as defined in the Aménagement Linguistic Policy (PAL) (2004).

The PowerPoint presentation reflects comments received from Ontario’s Institute for Education Leadership (IEL) Research and Implementation Advisory Committee and comments received as part of a survey of the 12 French-language Directors of Education.

The goal of the presentation is to provide school and system leaders of the four education sectors in Ontario with insights into how French-language leaders enact the leadership practices and personal leadership resources of the Ontario Leadership Framework (OLF) on a daily basis.

Suggested guidelines for using this presentation as a professional learning resource:

  • Refer to the detailed notes provided with each slide as an important support that extends the messaging in each slide.
  • Use the activities that are provided at various points in the presentation, ideally with other colleagues. They are designed to promote reflection and discussion which will be enriched when collaborating with others.
  • Slides one to seven provide an overview of the uniqueness of French-language districts.
  • Slides eight to twelve identify specific strategies implemented by French-language school districts to improve mathematics performance for K–12 students.
  • In keeping with current education priorities and the work underway related to the Fundamentals of Mathematics initiative, use this material as a resource to support your mathematics focus.
  • This resource not only allows you to learn more about the leadership of Francophone leaders, but also to target other strategies and actions that can optimize the results of students in kindergarten to Grade 12 in mathematics.

French-language Education: A Fresh Perspective on Leadership Practices

PowerPoint presentation

Appendix B of the French-language Education: A Fresh Perspective on Leadership Practices Final Report

Appendix B