2022-26 IEL Strategic Plan


The Ontario Institute for Education Leadership (IEL) is an innovative, responsive, and accountable bilingual (English and French) virtual organization that was established in 2007.  Its Steering Committee (SC) which is responsible for its day-to-day management includes representatives from Principals/Vice-Principals’ and Supervisory Officers’ Professional Leadership Associations, Ontario Association of Senior Business Officials (OASBO), Council of Directors of Education (CODE) and the Ontario Ministry of Education.


The Ontario Institute for Education Leadership (IEL) will:

•       influence educational leadership policy/practices in Ontario

•       support the development of educational leaders in Ontario

•       contribute to research on educational leadership in Ontario and globally

Key Focus Areas for Supporting Ethical Leadership in Ontario:


The IEL has articulated three key focus areas:

1. Equity: Leading through a stance of anti-oppression

2. Well-being: Leading healthy schools and systems

3. Learning: Leading to support learning for all

Guiding Principles

The IEL Steering Committee meets regularly during the school year and operates on a consensus model. The IEL's guiding principles include recognizing the need to be responsive to each of the four sectors of publicly funded education, seeking expert advice from multiple sources, and evaluating and reporting annually on its activities. 

The IEL supports current development and learning needs of all Ontario leaders in positional roles as well as those who are aspiring to the formal role of school and system leader. SC members represent the voices of their individual association’s membership and gather regular input on an ongoing basis to help guide and maintain currency and relevance of the IEL’s work. 

The IEL’s SC membership has expanded to include additional members from each association that reflects its commitment to become a diverse, anti-racist and equitable organization.      

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